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Glem - GF9G31IX

  Gas Oven and Gas Grill 5 Function oven Stainless Steel 60 Minute timer Tangential cooling fan Turnspit/Rotisserie Double glass door Safety device on burner Electronic ignition on burner Removable internal glass




90cm Built In Gas Ovens

Tangential cooling fan: Tangential cooling means the oven  remains cooler on the outside, to avoid heating the kitchen  furniture or forming condensation. The tangential fan at the  top of the oven starts up automatically a few minutes after  the oven is turned on, and a thermostat device ensures it  continues to run after the oven is turned off until it has  cooled down. Security Gas system (FFD): Thermocouple stops the flow of  gas in the event of an accidental flame failure. The  thermocouple intervenes within 3 seconds of the flame  switching off and it is activate even in the event of a power  cut.  R14 999
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Glem GF9G31IX Built In Gas Oven Glem GF9G31IX Built In Gas Oven Line Drawing

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