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The Candy Company Sixty years after the launch of the first all-Italian washing machine, Candy Group (a wholly privately-owned company) is among the European leaders in the household appliance market, with washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryers, fridges, freezers, cookers, ovens, hobs, both built in and frees standing. Candy Group is the leader, through Hoover, in the European floor care market. Candy Group designs and manufactures innovative appliances to meet market demand, increase energy efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and improve the quality of life. It turns the home into a pleasant, positive place by removing the grind of domestic chores. A real understanding of consumer requirements is central to Candy’s ongoing research and development programme. By anticipating changes in taste and lifestyle Candy has translated research results into unique appliance innovations, producing kitchen appliances that are efficient, technically advanced and beautifully styled. Developed for today’s lifestyle these new appliances will co-ordinate perfectly with contemporary as well as the more traditional kitchen designs and all come with a guarantee of satisfaction from a company that has a reputation for taking care of its customers. Candy


noun. The standard of

something as measured

against other things of a

similar kind; the degree of



verb. The art or action of

conceiving of and

producing a plan or

drawing of something

before it is made.



noun. Something newly

introduced, such as a

new method or device.

v. the act of innovating.


noun. The quality of

being graceful and stylish

in appearance or manner:

a refinement.


noun. The branch of

knowledge that deals with

the creation and use of

technical means and their                    

interrelation with life.



noun. The handing down

of  information, beliefs,

and customs from

generation to generation,

especially by  practice.

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