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Candy - Built-In Convection MIC 440 TX

  Convection/Microwave and Grill Cooking  Grill with fan Preheating Function Aesthetic coordination New Line P-Line Door flap opening down Stainless Steel Five power levels (100W - 300W - 450W - 700W - 900W) Electronic touch control panel with knobs Digital Clock & Timer 15 automatic cooking programs Combined functions Stainless steel cavity Automatic defrost Enamel tray rotating diam. 360 mm grid Volume: 44 liters Grill power: 1750 W Dimensions: H450 x W594 x D568 Weight: 41 kg 3 year warranty




Convection Microwave Ovens

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Candy MIC 440 TX Convection Microwave Candy MIC 440 TX Interior Candy MIC 440 TX Control Panel Candy MIC 440 TX Side View

Create a culinary sensation in minutes with this ultra-sophisticated 44L

built-in combination microwave from Candy. With a host of power levels,

cooking combinations and auto-cook programmes, you won’t have any

problem in whipping up an amazing meal for the entire family with little to

no cooking effort on your part!

Integrated microwave: The Candy MIC440TX is designed to be built in a tall kitchen housing unit at eye-level for the ultimate space-saving fast cooking appliance. With a spacious interior yet hidden away in a tall unit, you’ll feel all the benefits of an extra cooking space but without it taking up any more counter top space. Capacity: With a whopping 44 Litre capacity, this combination microwave has enough space for you to cook a great meal for the entire family, with a generous 36cm turntable diameter. Because you’ll be cooking larger meals in this microwave, the drop down door will make it much easier to access heavier dishes and plates. 5 power levels: Not every dish requires the same amount of power, and not every microwavable meals have instructions for different power levels. With 5 power levels ranging from 100W up to a powerful 900W, this combination microwave makes it easier to cook effortlessly. Whilst the microwave has a maximum power rate of 900W, the grill power rating is 1750W. 8 cooking combinations: With the microwave, grill, fan and heating elements put together in 8 combinations, you can achieve precise cooking results for various foods and dishes so you can get the ideal taste and texture you want from different meals. 13 automatic menus: Auto-cook menus make it even easier to operate the microwave and set food cooking much quicker. With menus for defrosting, specific foods such as meat or rice and even a menu that’s ideal for frozen pizza, these menus make can optimise your cooking and defrosting options throughout the week. Control and display panel: A large display with clear green text and two spun-circle finished control knobs make operating this combination microwave super easy. The large countdown digits for the end of cooking timer can be seen from a distance so you can keep an eye on your food whilst you’re doing other things, and the lock-out function will make sure that no one can accidentally operate the microwave. Easy to clean: With a stainless steel interior and exterior, not only is this combination microwave highly durable but it’s easy to clean so you won’t have to worry about spillages.
Candy MIC 440 TX Line Drawing
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Candy - MIC 440 TX Convection Microwave

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